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Why Plant a Tree?

Benefits of TreesIn the world we live in we are surrounded by trees everywhere; trees play a very important role in our planet and especially to us humans because we need trees for our survival. Every day we see environmentalists advocating for planting trees and avoiding deforestation since cutting down trees without planting others can lead to adverse effects on our planet in the future, hence endangering the lives of the generations to come.What are the benefits of planting trees?TO REDUCE CLIMATE CHANGE- The climate in the world keeps changing due to the cutting of trees. That is why we are experiencing adverse climate change like global warming which has been caused by excess carbon dioxide building up in the air. If we plant trees, the excess carbon dioxide in the air can be absorbed by the trees and it's then stored while releasing oxygen.PROVIDING SHELTER FOR WILDLIFE - trees act as a natural habitat for many animals like birds which build their nest on trees, as well as for other animals like squirrels and bees. Planting trees can be very beneficial to many animals and insects, not to just us humans.CONTROL OF EROSION - trees help in preventing soil from being eroded when rainfall or strong winds occur by acting as barriers. The branches of the trees also help reduce the strength of rainwater droplets from falling onto the soil and the roots of the trees bind the soil together and prevent the soil from being carried away by rainwater or wind.AIR CONDITIONING - trees act as natural air conditioners and purifiers since they make the air around the houses to be cool plus trees absorb the excess carbon dioxide hence the air that we end up breathing in is much pure. They release oxygen which is very useful for human beings and all life on our planet.THEY PROVIDE RAW MATERIALS - Trees provide important raw materials such as timber that we use to build houses, they also provide charcoal that we can use at home in preparing food. When the leaves of the trees fall down, they decay and form manure which can be used as fertilizer in the planting of crops. This is why we need to plant more trees to make up for the amount we are cutting down, and the amount that's being destroyed because of us.COOLING FOR THE STREETS - trees act as cooling agents for the streets especially when the weather is hot, this is through the trees leaves that prevent the sun rays from reaching the ground, and the trees end up evaporating water from their stomata that produces a cooling effect in the air.THEY PREVENT WATER POLLUTION - the air is filled with so much dirt and poisonous gases that if they get into the water, the water can become unsafe for drinking and other use. Planting trees helps prevent water pollution since it acts as a filter where the water is broken when it hits the leaves and later falls on the ground with fewer contaminants.ACTS AS BEAUTIFICATION - trees with a good cut-out landscape add beauty to a homestead, making the area more beautiful than an area without trees.In conclusion, planting trees improves our lives and helps save the planet from extinction, by making small changes and giving back we can make a huge difference on our lives and for our only planet for future generations. Trees give life to everything, and provide us with beneficial fruits, herbs, nuts, foods, and materials. Trees are all life on earth, without them we are nothing.Now it's time for those who actually care and are listening to the many warnings we are encountering daily to act whilst we still can by planting a tree and doing our bit! Thank you for your support.

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